Our Schools

Ishik & Nilufer Schools, being established for more than 24 years in Iraq, has been successfully operating private and international schools across the country.

It offers a high-quality education, digitally supported by a variety of educational facilities.

All of our schools are licensed and permitted by the Ministry of Education and accredited internationally.

International Schools

The Ishik & Nilufer Schools group operates two international schools located in Erbil.

The UK-based quality assurance bodies ASIC and City & Guilds have accredited our international schools.

English is the medium of instruction across all subjects except for mother tongue languages and foreign language classes.

Our teaching staff is in the main expatriate teachers. Our international schools offer an internationally accredited program that equips students with internationally recognised academic skills through a rigorous curriculum based on balanced learning standards and complemented by a developed program of fruitful co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.

Private Schools

The Ishik & Nilufer Schools group operates 40 private schools from Kindergarten to High School level.

The medium of instruction for English, Maths, Science, and Computer is the English language while other subjects are delivered in Arabic and Kurdish.

Our educational staff consists of both expatriates and local teachers.

Head Office

Ishik Brayaty Primary School

Ishik Gulan Primary School

Ishik Ronaki Primary School

Ishik Boy's Secondary School

Ishik Boy's High School

Nilufer Girls' Secondary School

Nilufer Girls' High School

Ishik Soran Kindergarten

Ishik Soran Primary School

Ishik Soran Kindergarten

Nilufer Girls' High School

Affiliations / Certifications

Ronaki Hawler Education Company offers students a warm and well-equipped facilities with dedicated teachers to develop students’ talents, intellects, creativity and character.

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