Admission criteria & process

As a first step, parents are welcome to visit their preferred Ronaki schools. This can be done by submitting the “Apply Now” form to arrange a convenient date and time. Those parents who are unable to fill in the visit to school form can call the Admissions Office and book an appointment over the phone.

Either during the campus visit or at a later date, prospective pupils take an assessment; the type of assessment varies by age.

Contact information

Our phones are attended from Sunday to Thursday between 08.00 and 16.00.



For more information about the admission procedure, please contact the school via email, or by phone.

Admission Policy

Children reach compulsory school age at the beginning of the term following their 6th birthday. Any child whose birthday falls between 1st December and 31st January is eligible to apply in the previous scholastic year. The admissions procedure runs from April until the beginning of June. Parents are encouraged to inform the school at an early stage of their wish to seek admission for the appropriate academic year as there is a high demand for places and these swiftly become unavailable.

  • Admissions criteria
  • Age
  • Availability of places
  • English language proficiency
  • Previous school record
  • Enrollment age

Standard Admission: A child with the appropriate age for the grade level before 1st September of that the academic year is eligible for standard registration. Appropriate ages for the grades are:

Kindergarten – 1
4 Years Old
Kindergarten – 2
5 Years Old
Grade 1
6 Years Old
Grade 2
7 Years Old
Grade 3
8 Years Old
Grade 4
9 Years Old
Grade 5
10 Years Old
Grade 6
11 Years Old

Secondary and high school follows accordingly.

Enrollment Interview and Assessment
All students must undergo a level test and an individual interview to be admitted. As a part of the application procedure, parents are informed about the school’s education system.

All prospective students must first complete an application form. Application forms are available from the School Office. The duly completed application form, together with a photo of the student and other documents specified by the school should be returned to the Admissions Office. After receiving the completed application form, our admissions the committee will review the application according to our admissions criteria. Our admissions criteria include elements such as the availability of school places, considered together with factors such as the age, academic ability, English language proficiency, previous school record, behavior, and maturity of the candidate.

After reviewing the assessment results and previous school records, the school will announce its final decision regarding admission. Families will be notified as soon as possible of the outcome of the process, and it is at this stage that the actual registration will take place. Once a place has been offered, the family has a limited time, specified by the school, in which to accept it. Within one week of receiving the offer, the enrollment fee must be paid.

Parents are required to pay the remaining costs by the dates specified by the school; otherwise, a child’s place may be withdrawn and given to another applicant.

How to Apply

Admission Checklist

This checklist below will assist you in completing the application process in a timely and efficient way. The enrollment fee and other fees will need to be paid by the times specified in the application procedure. If you are making an application during term-time, all fees will need to be paid before the student can join the school.

You will need:

  • Official copies of academic records from the previous school
  • Duly complete application form
  • A photocopy of the student’s passport (if available)
  • A photocopy of the student’s birth certificate in order to confirm the date of birth
  • Four identical passport-sized head-and-shoulders photographs in color
  • A health report
  • A guarantee letter from your company if they will be covering the cost of school enrollment fees and tuition fees

Frequently Asked Questions

Each of our schools is licenced and periodically inspected by the Ministry of Education in Iraq and KRG. Our schools’ educational licence is renewed on a yearly basis. Yes, our schools are officially recognized.

Accreditation means that we are inspected by a third party for our educational program and activities. In other words, our schools are nationally recognized with our official licence and internationally recognized by this accreditation. When you transfer your child to a different country, you will receive a certificate of completion directly from City & Guilds, London which is recognized worldwide. This certificate will help you get your child admitted much easier.

Affiliations / Certifications

Ronaki Hawler Education Company offers students a warm and well-equipped facilities with dedicated teachers to develop students’ talents, intellects, creativity and character.

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