Youngcomm 2017 Results


Young Communicators English Contest was held in different cities of Iraq on March 4, 2017. Ronaki Hawler Education Company organized sixth edition of this contest and around 300 students competed in four categories like Secondary Pre, High School prep, Grades 7&8 and grades 10&11. Results will be announced soon on

Answer and Questions

Young Comm 2013

7-8 Questions

10-11 Questions

Prep Classes Questions

Young Communicator 2013 Answer Key


Young Communicator 2014

Young Com Prep 2014

Young Com 2014 10&11

Young Com 2014

Answer Key 2014


Young Comm 2015

Young Com Prep 2015

Answer Key 2015

Young Com 7&8 2015

Young Com 2015 10&11


Young Comm 2017 Students Points

youngcomm 2017 students points download

Young Comm 2017 School Points

youngcomm 2017 school points download

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