University Preparation System


One of the main purposes of Ronaki Hawler Company is to assist our students in qualifying for a good university. That’s why all the educational activities in our schools are conducted for this aim.

In this perspective, the success of the University Entrance Exam is the outcome of students’ 12 years education. For this reason, in Ronaki Hawler Company, University Preparation System is particularly important. The most experienced teachers in our schools teach the preparatory classes for university. These experienced teachers also provide guidance services to students by giving extra lessons, arranging study times and conducting practice tests.
Students sometimes stay in our dormitories and study more efficiently with helpful materials. As a result of these preparations, our students are qualified to succeed in courses that require high grades like medicine, engineering, dentistry and architecture.

In Ronaki Hawler School’s College Counselling Departments offer a professional guidance and support to students for planning their university education.

Our college counselors provide academic and moral support to our students and direct them to the most appropriate choices from registering for exams to applying for universities.

One of our main aims is to qualify our students to be able study at top universities around the world. We encourage our students to take international exams such as SAT, ACT, GED, AP, YÖS which are accepted by universities throughout the world.

One of the most popular exams is the SAT and preparation courses are organized in our schools. SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) is an exam that measures Math and English knowledge. With the result of this exam, our students can apply for universities in many countries like Turkey, USA, Jordan or England.

We also offer AP (Advanced Placement), ACT (American College Testing), GED (General Educational Development) and YÖS (Foreign Students Exam) preparatory courses on demand.

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