Summer School


Summer School in USA

America is one of the top countries that are worth visiting and it is important for our students to learn or improve their English and to gain a new cultural perspective. Every year we organize the summer school in June and our students study English with native speakers until noon. After lessons and on weekends trips are organized to New York, Boston or Washington.

In these trips, students visit Times Square, Intrepid War Ship, Fifth Avenue, Statue of Liberty, Central Park, The White House, Boston Science Museum, Space Museum and many more world famous sites.

Our students have the chance to get information about academic life and university education in America after visiting famous universities like Harvard, MIT, Hofstra and Boston College.

In addition, our students join activities and have fun at Six Flags Amusement Park, Paintball, The Beast Speedboat Tour and the Boston Duck Tour.


Summer School in South Africa

South African Republic is a country where English is commonly spoken. Our students prefer South Africa for its quality English education system and its natural beauties. Students of Ronaki Hawler join South Africa Spring School in order to experience new cultures and at the same time practise English.

The Spring School is usually organized in March and our students visit Cape Town and Johannesburg cities and view great sights where the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean come together at the Cape of Good Hope. They have the opportunity to go on a safari and see the wild animals in nature as well.


Summer School in England

England is the center of language tourism and it has many well-established language schools. Ronaki Hawler Education Company follows an English curriculum in accordance with Oxford University Press. Hence, it is important for our students to practise English they learn in class in its native country.

In the England Spring School, our male and female students stay in different language camps and they are given an intensive English course by English teachers.

The Spring School is organized in March in London. The students also get a chance to visit other famous cities such as Oxford and Cambridge and are informed about the reputable Oxford and Cambridge Universities.

In London, our students visit famous places like Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square, Oxford Street, London Eye, Big Ben, Parliament Building, British Museum, Science Museum, Hyde Park and London Underground. In addition, they have a fun holiday by visiting Thorpe Amusement Park, Stamford Bridge, Chelsea Football Club Stadium, Woburn Safari Park, Warner Bros Film Studios and participating in exciting campus activities.


Summer School in Turkey

In Istanbul, many native English teachers work in summer schools programs. At Ronaki Hawler, we organize summer school programs in Istanbul during June for our students to improve their English language skills and visit historical and popular sites.

Our students spend half of the day studying English with American and Canadian teachers, the rest of the day and weekends they visit important historical and touristic places in the city. Besides, they practise Turkish which is taught as a foreign language in our institutions.

During this program, the students have a chance to visit Topkapi Palace, Islands in Marmara Sea, Sultan Ahmet Mosque, Bosphorus, Miniaturk and Conquest Museum and join activities like bowling, swimming and go-karting.

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