Sports Clubs


In today’s world, it is necessary for our students to be healthy individuals with great self-confidence. At our schools, along with academic learning, students’ physical and spiritual health is also enhanced. For this reason, it is important to spend sufficient time for sports activities and for physical education lessons at schools.

Ronaki Hawler Education Company provide up-to-date facilities where students can join sports activities and show their talents and develop their skills. Due to these activities, students learn values like honest rivalry, team work and cooperation.

In our schools, aside from physical education lessons, there are club activities for football, basketball, volleyball, table tennis and judo. Our students join these club activities assisted by sports instructors who are experts in their areas.

There are football fields, basketball courts, volleyball courts, table tennis and bowling halls in our institutions. Our students prepare for national and international competitions using these facilities in scheduled activities.

For example, students from Erbil Gulan Secondary School took first place in a football tournament and became champions in the Middle East.

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