Social Responsibility Projects


We believe that one of the most important qualities a school can provide its students is social responsibility. An individual who has social responsibility is more sensitive towards events that happen around him or her.

As students prepare themselves for life, they actually live it. When a classmate gets sick, when the grass in the schoolyard shrivel, when a relative gets old or becomes needy or when a bird with a broken wing falls on the ground, all these trigger the students’ sense of responsibility towards their environment.

When such things happen, students have the opportunity to learn lessons from them. When these feelings are approached positively by the teachers, our students become more sensitive towards the social problems they will encounter throughout their lives.

A series of social responsibility projects are conducted by Fezalar Educational Institutions in order to activate social responsibility consciousness in our students. Some of these activities include regular visits to hospitals, visits to retirement homes, helping disabled people, planting trees and helping victims of war.

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