Social and Cultural Organizations


The 21st century is considered to be the century of Social Sciences. To become ready to live in this era, our students must be familiar with social activities. Students must be educated as responsible individuals towards their society and the environment. It is necessary to transform their consciousness into good behavior.

Students who participate in social clubs, arts and sports activities are individuals who possess a greater vision, can play musical instruments, can draw or join sports activities, gain the skills to express themselves better in society. The social responsibility comes from the consciousness of the students that improves with club activities as they become prepared for life one step at a time.

Therefore, clubs and social activities are very important in Fezalar Educational Institutions. Our students take part in many different activities from Kindergarten to High School that offer a variety of social clubs that they can join. The special talents of students are revealed in these activities. Thus, students whose skills improved become better trained individuals in the society.

Fezalar Educational Institutions deal with all its social and cultural organizations under FESCO. It is organized every year in 3 different cities and includes ‘Anatolia and Mesopotamia Brother Cultures Festival’. These festivals consists of stage performances such as songs, poems, drama and folk dances, sports activities such as football, basketball, table tennis, volleyball and chess, and handicrafts like painting, ebru painting (paper marbling), decorating, calligraphy and sculpture.

Throughout the school year, all the activities are exhibited in organizations in and outside of school. Under FESCO activities, students are expected to learn their own cultural traditions and activities. Also, different cultures are expected to join with each other and students are motivated to live in harmony.

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