Science Teaching


Scientific Studies

In Ronaki Hawler schools, Science is highly valued. Scientific activities are organized at all levels starting from Kindergarden to High School. Our students actively participate in these activities and gain scientific perspective through science lessons with the support of well-equipped laboratories. Thus, students learn how to study systematically according to scientific methods.

Local and international science trips are organized by our schools in order to make our students love and appreciate science. Our teachers provide the opportunity to experience science in science lessons with the help of visual and experimental materials. The experiments and projects that are exhibited in science fairs throughout the year make education fun. In these science fairs, activities like egg landing, water rocket, mouse trap car, t-shirt design, experiments and wall decorations are performed.

Physics, Chemistry and Biology Teaching

Physics, Chemistry and Biology, which are the fundamentals of scientific studies, are really important for Ronaki Hawler Educational Company. Teachers who are experts in their areas teach the theoretical aspects in the best way they can. This leads our students to become great researchers with the knowledge of scientific methods and systematic studies. Through this , our students find the opportunity to change theoretical knowledge to practical knowledge in our well-equipped laboratories and they discover their scientific talents.

In the laboratories that are specially designed for Physics, Chemistry and Biology, our students conduct experiments and turn them into projects. With these projects, they can join national and international competitions.

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