Science Clubs

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One of the foremost activities of Ronaki Hawler Education Company is the Science Clubs. Thanks to these clubs, students thoroughly learn theoretical knowledge they gain in class through practical applications. In other words, they practice in real life what they learn from books.

The experiments that are done in Science Clubs throughout the year are exhibited at the science festivals at the end of the year. In science festivals, simple scientific experiments are done in order to attract visitors’ attention and to make science fun and enjoyable.

In addition, the visitors are entertained with shows like scientific designs, recycling projects, cell models, water rockets, Van de Graf generator, magic mirrors, hovercraft, Hanoi Towers, Napier’s Bones, Pascal Diagram, dry ice, elephant toothpaste and volcano experiments.

In these festivals, students are shown the role that science has in real life with the fun side of science and they learn to appreciate science more. Moreover, when parents see their children in such activities, their confidence and pride towards them grows.

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