Project Based Learning


Ronaki Hawler Education Company build their education system on ‘Project Based Education’. This system is primarily project oriented and uses organized methods that are enriched with activities that are done individually or in small groups. Through this student-centered system, our students grow up as individuals and aim to overcome any obstacles they may face. In Ronaki Hawler Education Company, Project Based Education is based on ‘ Graphic Organizers’. Graphic organizers are visual and comprehensive educational tools that are designed by teachers that allow students to research, and think critically to help develop a detailed perspective.

As a result of Project Based Education, students in our institutions become people who can think critically, who have strong communication skills, who can work in a group and become productive. Besides, our students exhibit their projects in competitions and strive to become scientists.

In Ronaki Hawler, Project Based Education is implemented by highly experienced and dedicated educators. Thanks to these educators, students don’t memorise the course material but are able to understand and acquire information. The development of our students is followed by our educators and their parents by collecting their project works throughout the year.

Learning Through Doing

Starting from primary level, our students learn how to think systematically and how to prepare projects. In Secondary School and High School, the students have an opportunity to display their ideas and compete in national and international project Olympiads.

The high successes they achieve in these competitions prove that our students receive world class education and they can compete with the world in scientific areas.

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