Music education benefits the mental and social development of the young child. Similar to art education, music helps to develop spatial intelligence — particularly spatial-temporal skills — which allows students to visualize how elements fit together, which is required in solving math problems. Music education is also found to support language development as music supports the development of the left side of the brain, which also processes language. This development is particularly important in children ages 2 to 9.

Our performing arts program reflects our commitment to liberal arts education with a focus on each student’s creative expression. All students take general music that emphasizes creativity, music appreciation, musical literacy and performance preparation.

Music Album

The music program provides many opportunities for individual growth and fosters every child’s innate love of music. For the students with gifted ability our institution provides performing programmes such as IFLC, FESCO or Brother Culture Festival. Ronaki Hawler music album is released every year consisting of our students performances recording in the studio. As of 2016, our students made 146 professionally studio recorded songs and they are available at our website.

At least one musical Instrument

We believe that every child in our schools should learn to play at least one musical instrument. To accomplish this aim in each grade students learn how to play one instrument from very early ages. For the talented students additional club classes are offered to provide more professional progress.

Each school has a specially designed music room to motivate our students and to provide an atmosphere that encourages students to reveal their innate potential.

Folk Dance Performances

In addition Ronaki Hawler students might attend optional folk dance classes to learn local and international folk dances; they can perform in local and international organizations in more than 20 different countries to show their talents.


Drama is an important part of Ronaki Hawler schools English and Turkish teaching programme talented students are specially trained under the supervision of experienced teachers and they rehearse and perfom plays, sketches, parodies.

Poem Reading

The students who have ability to read poem at stage are trained by professional instructors and they learn how to read poem in different languages and they perform their skills in different organizations such as IFLC, FESCO, etc.


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