Language Teaching


Language Teaching

Language is an integral part of man. It surpasses communication and social interaction. Language influences thought, and thought often conditions action, and also influences conduct. Language therefore is the strongest medium of transmitting culture and social reality.

The Language Learning Programme

in our schools enables students aged from 4 to 18 years old to improve their proficiency in speaking, lıstening, reading and writing skills in four different languages English, Arabic, Kurdish and Turkish. At Ronaki Hawler schools the medium of instruction is English and it is taught according to framework of ‘Oxford Quality Programme’

Besides English, mother tongue education is highly valued by our schools.

Students learn their mother tongues from very experienced teachers. First language education varies according to location of the school. Arabic is taught as a mother language in the schools in southern cities whereas Kurdish is taught in Kurdistan region. National curriculum is followed on first language education.

Additionally Turkish is taught as a second foreign language in all our schools. The programme has been designed using the latest teaching and learning approaches and enables students to broaden their vocabulary range, improve their language skills as well as increase opportunities to access the standard school curriculum. English and Turkish are taught intensively in Preparatory year 16 and 12 hours of lesson in a week respectively at the beginning of secondary or high school.

Some other languages such as French, Spanish, Russian are offered as an optional club activity in different schools and volunteer students have chance to study these languages.


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