Ishik College Students brought 5 gold medals from the 5th Future Inventors Project Competition


5th Future Inventors Project Competition

The 5th Future Inventors Project Competition (FPO), organized by Ministry of Education and Ronaki Hawler Education Company. The event was hosted by Ishik University on Saturday, February 17, 2018.

In FPO’s five-year history, 2018 organization occupied a very special place with a record attendance; approximately 250 students from 13 different schools attended to the event. The Olympiad is being held among secondary and high school students. Projects were presented in the following categories;

  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Computer and Software
  • Design & Short Movie


Honorable Minister of Internal Affairs, Mr. Karim Sinjari, bureaucrats from the ministries, academics, TV channels, newspaper agents have participated in the Event.

At the end of the day; 79 out of 138 projects received gold, silver and bronze medals. A total of 5000 USD was distributed among the winner students and advisors. Khoshnaw Group, Kar Group and GES Co. were some of the valuable sponsors of the event.

The winner projects will be able to represent Kurdistan in international Olympiads and events such as; INTEL-ISEF (USA), IMO (International Mathematic Olympiad), IJSO (International Junior Science Olympiad), I-SWEEP (International Environmental Science Fair), Golden Climate, INEPO, INESPO, INFO-MATRIX, EBICO, INESPO, Genius etc.


Ishik High School students brought 5 gold, 5 silver and 6 bronze medals to our school. Here is the list of the winners:

Project Name Student name-1 Student name-2 Supervisor Category Medal
Energy Harvesting Aymen Nasih Nabaz Muhammed Mustafa Kilic Physics GOLD
Instead Of Activeated Carbon Used As A Filter In Fire Gas Mask, The Usage Of Zinc Borate Which Is Flame Retardant And Dust Adsorbing Fire And Gas. Mustafa Fadhi Hemin Himdad Omer Bulut chemistry GOLD
Smart Extension Cord Omar Maghdid Yousif Zakariya Sadik Erdogan Design and short GOLD
Call My Dad! Omar Sabah Ahmad Bayiz Salih Sadik Erdogan Computer GOLD
Petrol Heater Peshawa Jamal Muhammed Ahmed Shvan Jahfar Physics GOLD
Levitation Magnet On Cars Projesi Multiple Energy Producer Ahmed Hoger Lawand Kamaran Ibrahim Guvercin Physics SILVER
Reducing Pollution In The Cities Barez Younis Muhammed Salar Sadik Erdogan Design and short SILVER
Generating Electricity By Home Pipe Line Omar Mousa Bayar Dilzar Sadik Erdogan Design and short SILVER
Parabolic Electricity Brwa Mofaq Rawaz Araz Shvan Jahfar Mathematics SILVER
Wifi Radiation And Cactus Abdullah Zahir Abdullah Zana Emre Sagdik Biology BRONZE
Game For Kindergarten Children Abrar Eshref Erkan  Arslan Computer BRONZE
New Formula For Arithmetic And Geometric Sequences Anasnabaz Muhammed Hakim Erkan  Arslan Mathematics BRONZE
Kurdish Dictionary With Sound App Shanel Ahmed Raman Azeez Erkan  Arslan Computer BRONZE
Making Rain Mohammed Tahir Mohammed Nasih Mustafa Kilic chemistry BRONZE
Drive Guard Harith Aws Shvan Jahfar Design and short BRONZE
Water Fall Building Mahmood Humam Humam Aws Shvan Jahfar Design and short BRONZE


We congragulate all our students and supervisor teachers. Well done !

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