English Activities

English Week

English week- is a week in a school year dedicated to the English Language to make our students participate in fun English learning. During this week, students do  different activities in English every day. In school corridors, halls and yard, English games are played, singing competitions are held and presentations are conducted.

The projects that are prepared throughout the year are displayed within this week for the parents and guests. This helps students increase their self-confidence, have fun and improve English by practising.

Young COMM

Young Communicators English competition is organized by Ronaki Hawler in 4 categories which are Secondary School Prep Class, High School Prep Class, Grades 7-8 and Grades 10-11. The purpose of this competition is to increase awareness that English is important for communication, make English more popular among students, encourage students to compete with each other and award the successful ones.

English Drama

Drama techniques and role playing are effective methods in teaching English.

Through this, students learn the skills to take part in theatrical plays, which allows them to participate in real life organizations. Students learn to be optimistic, have self-confidence and have effective social interactions by means of drama. Thus, they achieve the comfort of speaking English naturally with self- confidence.

At the end of the school year, our primary school students perform famous stories with costumes, music and decorations that they learn throughout the year.

Debate Week

This is a competition where two groups with different views defend their opinions with evidence and try to convince each other of their arguments through academic debates. In Ronaki Hawler Education Company, debate competitions are held every year in Secondary Schools and High Schools. In debate competitions, our students:

  1. Learn the skills to research, gather information, criticize and analyze a certain t
  2. Learn the skills to express their opinions about a topic in an organized manner.
  1. Have self-confidence to speak against a group of people and defend their own
  1. Learn to listen to the other group and express themselves politely in case they disagree with an
  1. Find the opportunity to work in a team and socializ

In debate teams each student has a different role and the competition among classes result in friendly rivalry.



Primary school students sing or read poems in this competition so that they can learn new phrases and vocabulary. This also helps them to improve their music talent and pronunciation.

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