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In Ronaki Hawler Education Company, students can discuss their personal problems with Psychological Consultancy and Guidance Services one-on-one. The services are confidential and our expert guidance counselors provide appropriate solutions to students’ problems according to their age, mental and social development. The problems are solved in cooperation with the teachers, students and parents.
In our Psychological Counseling and Guidance Department, guidance and counseling programs are developed and implemented appropriate for the developmental needs of our students. Counselors work with all the students, not only the ones who have problems. Works, conducted in Guidance and Counseling Department are aimed at developing basic social skills of the students and letting them acquire self-confidence and problem-solving skills. Also, our students are assisted in planning their future academic and work career.Students are informed via seminars and workshops about different topics such as effective time management and study skills, behavior education etc.
Throughout the year many programs for students such as orientation programs, student recognition programs/activities, student guidance programs/activities, academic achievement improvement programs/activities, conferences and social activities, vocational and career counseling are conducted. On the other hand, many different programs are also organized for parents and staff.

Parent – Teacher Meetings

The school is always in close contact with the parents while preparing students for their academic and social life. Parent-teacher meetings are held periodically at Ronaki Hawler and students’ educational achievements and career planning are discussed.

A parent-teacher meeting is a periodical meeting between the parents and teachers of students to discuss children’s progress at school and find solutions to academic or behavioral problems. Parent-teacher conferences supplement the information conveyed by report cards by focusing on students’ specific strengths and weaknesses in individual subjects and generalizing the level of inter-curricular skills and competences.

The meetings might be as a class or one to one interview. The meetings are generally led by teachers who take a more active role in information sharing, with parents relegated mostly to the role of listeners.

CTC (Class Teachers Council) Meetings

Class Teacher Council (CTC) meetings are held three times a year by the Vice Principal, teachers who teach to the same class and Psychological Consultancy and Guidance experts.

In CTC meetings, students’ individual performances are discussed and solutions to academic and behavioral problems are sought. In these meetings teachers identify some students who have difficulty in learning or show low performance or cause dicipline problem and the council discuss this individual student in detail. They share their experiences and they try to find the best way to help the students. If needed, the parents or relatives of the student are invited to the meetings and healthy solutions are discussed.

E-School System and Online E-School System is a technological service that Ronaki Hawler Education Company provide to its students, parents, teachers and managers. With the help of, parents can easily track progress of their children’s academic performance. At the beginning of the school year, usernames and passwords are given to all parents so that they can follow attendance and marks of their children regularly.

Testing and Assessment

In Ronaki Hawler Education Company, almost all exams are evaluated by the Testing and Assessment Departments using optical readers. The results are given to students in tables and graphs on their report card. Online data is also available to managers, teachers, students and parents to follow.

Transportation and Shuttle

We provide a shuttle service in our schools for the students in need. The transportation service is provided by licensed drivers and female assistants and they drive the students safely from home to school and school to home.

Food And Canteen

In Ronaki Hawler Education Company, lunch is served for students who request this service. It is prepared according to students’ age group, with the right amount of calorie and hygienic conditions. In some of our schools canteens serve snacks at break times to keep our students energized.

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