e-BIKO is a project competition for secondary and high school students which is held in Turkey every year.

A general symbol of development is technology. Individuals and societies meet their needs more easily thanks to technology.

It is observed that the societies having completed their technological developments and keeping up with the age have higher levels of life and culture.

Like many innovations, technological innovations should be firstly conveyed to education institutions and throw light on the youth.

As some terms such as computer usage, computer supported education, Web based education, e-learning, computer literacy enter into education institutions, expectations become organizational as well as individual. In this stage, it is expected that efficiency increases with productivity, too.

In this perspective Ronaki Hawler students have been participating the e-BIKO competition for a while. By participating this competition we aim encouraging ambitious and productive primary and secondary students who will build the future with their dreams and make real these dreams with projects, making them a good technology literate as well as individuals living and maintaining this culture. Our students won outstanding success in this competition and won different medals.

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