DISTCO is series of “Digital Storytelling Contests” hosted by North American University (NAU) and sponsored by University of Houston and University of Texas at San Antonio. DISTCO asks students and teachers to submit their digital stories in a certain time, frame and manner for the contest. The contest is open to all K-12 students The competition is held solely online through this website. students can showcase their skills in multimedia, technology, researching, writing and creativity by participating this competition. Besides the winners have chance to get education bursary from North American University.
Ronaki Hawler students showed a great success in DISTCO 2015 and they won gold medal in three different category among international competitors. Halabjay Shaheed College students Diyar Ali in Culture and religion category, Zhiyar Younus in Computer and Technology Category, Halwest Jamal in Personal Reflections category got the first place.


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