Summer School in USA

Summer School in USA
Starts from:Wed, August 22, 2018
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America is one of the top countries that are worth visiting and it is important for our students to learn or improve their English and to gain a new cultural perspective. Every year we organize the summer school in June and our students study English with native speakers until noon. After lessons and on weekends trips are organized to New York, Boston or Washington.

In these trips, students visit Times Square, Intrepid War Ship, Fifth Avenue, Statue of Liberty, Central Park, The White House, Boston Science Museum, Space Museum and many more world famous sites.
Our students have the chance to get information about academic life and university education in America after visiting famous universities like Harvard, MIT, Hofstra and Boston College.

In addition, our students join activities and have fun at Six Flags Amusement Park, Paintball, The Beast Speedboat Tour and the Boston Duck Tour.