Computer and Technology Education


Computer and Technology Education

In Ronaki Hawler Educational Company, from the first year of Primary School to the final year of High School, computer education is given special importance. Computer education is provided in fully- equipped computer laboratories by highly – qualified teachers. In these lessons, application is as important as theoretical knowledge.

In Ronaki Hawler, the computer labs are designed so that each student has one computer to work with. The syllabus of computer lessons is quite extensive and it includes many recent programs. Besides basic hardware and software education, C++, Adobe Flash, Photoshop, Java and MS Office programs are taught.

By attending different competitions and project Olympiads, our students are expected to improve their computer skills. Our students write programs, perform computer art, prepare short films, and learn about hardware control and robotics. With their projects they can join local and international competitions.
Besides computer education, lessons are given in classes with projectors. Many of the classrooms are fully equipped with smart boards and audio systems. Thus, interactive learning is provided for the students.

The digital versions of the textbooks are used in classes and this serves a richer content. This way, many topics are learned better with the help of 3D animations.

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