Factor Contest


Factoring is a common mathematical process used to break down the factors, or numbers, that multiply together to form another number. Some numbers have multiple factors. The number 24, for instance, results when you multiply the factors of 6 and 4, 8 and 3, 12 and 2, and 24 and 1. Factoring is useful in resolving various numbers-related problems.

Factor contest is an annual contest organized by Brayaty Ishik Primary School’s Math Department. Target students are grade 4. Fisrt of all, the contest is held in each class. Three contestants from each class have competition among themselves in our conference hall with their parents and classmates.
For the first round,students are asked five numbers to find their factors in one minute.
For other rounds, students are needed to find factors of five numbers in forty seconds. Winner of this contest is the one who finds more factors.

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