Bookworms Clubs


Reading is an important habit that must be learned at early ages. The wealth of knowledge is more valuable than all other wealth and it can be gained only through reading.

Ronaki Hawler Education Company organizes a number of activities for its students to acquire this habit. In some of our schools students spend a period of the first lesson reading a book. In others, students gather to read books at a certain time in a day.

The usage of the library by our students is monitored regularly and reports are analyzed in order to increase the usage. In addition, students who wish to research about a certain topic can make use of the libraries that are designed like reading halls.

Our schools offer education in four languages- English, Kurdish, Arabic and Turkish. Our students don’t read books only in their native languages but also in other languages they have learned. At certain times in a year, book reading competitions are organized and the students are encouraged to read more. The successful students are awarded in these competitions.


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