Art at Ronaki


Ronaki Hawler believes that arts education is a core discipline. Our schools offer an engaging and comprehensive arts program, from Kindergarten through high school, encompassing visual arts, music, folk dance and drama. Our arts program nourishes the intellect, prizes creativity and values imagination.

Art education at the elementary level affects student growth and development beyond the art classroom both physically and educationally. Development of motor skills is supported by motion required in art classes, including holding pencils and crayons or using a paintbrush. Decision-making and visual learning skills are also supported in art classes for young students as they are required to use creativity and critical-thinking skills in designing their own art projects. The development of visual-spatial skills is supported with drawing and painting activities. Additionally, the process-driven basis of art education develops student ability to engage in a project and develop creative solutions to a problem.

Every school has a separate Art class. The learning environment in this class is designed to provide students the necessary space, instructional information, menus, resources, materials and tools to perform their skills independently or cooperatively. Art classes provide utilizing materials, tools and resources as needed in their art making, such as painting, clay or printmaking. We value the process our children experience of making and thinking about visual art as well as our students as the artists.

In addition to class work there are various Art clubs including

  • Painting Club
  • Ebru Club (Marbling Club)
  • Jewelry Design Club
  • Origami Club
  • Calligraphy Club


Our schools exhibits students valuable works in different events and organizations to honor and motivate the students.

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