It is commonly believed that learning begins in the mother’s womb. Taking this fact into consideration, beginning to educate our children during their early ages is very important. In the traditional education system, children begin their education at the age of 7. However, starting school at an earlier age, for instance at the age of 4 or 5 is more beneficial.

As Ronaki Hawler Education Company, we accept 4 to 5 year old students in our Kindergartens. The children that are accepted in our Kindergartens are taught in specially designed classes according to their age group. Our expert Kindergarten teachers educate each student according to the child’s level of understanding. Our educational staff is well aware that providing quality education to our students at early ages will shape their future positively.

Our Kindergartens aim to educate students who are entrusted to us by their parents to enhance their mental, social and emotional growth in the warmth of a family.

Primary Schools

The actual purpose of Primary School education is to lead our students towards a high quality life by offering the right knowledge, from the best teachers, in the best schools and with the best facilities.

In Ronaki Hawler Education Company, our aim is to educate qualified people starting from their Primary School education. We believe that a qualified person knows how to research, think and analyze in all fields from modern science to technology. Furthermore, a qualified person knows a few foreign languages, possesses moral values and is respectful towards parents and society.

In our Primary Schools, students from all parts of the society receive education around these goals in an environment full of love, respect, tolerance and harmony.

We are glad to provide education that enlightens our society to make positive changes and are hopeful for a brighter future.

Secondary Schools

The Secondary School years are when students are becoming young adults and their learning capacity is at its highest. For this reason, Secondary School education must be taken seriously.

At Ronaki Hawler, we offer a rich curriculum to our students and aim to help them gain theoretical knowledge and practical experience. Science, social science, language learning, art education and sports are the foundations of life and are taught to the students in an organized and systematic way. At Ronaki Hawler, from all books that are taught to the social activities, are aimed to provide students with personal development through critical thinking. This way, our students learn how to research, analyze and express their ideas and opinions.

During the first year, students receive an intensive English course in Prep Classes. In these classes, they also learn Turkish as a foreign language. Therefore, our students are fluent in English and are able to study Math and Science lessons in English at our schools.

Our education system also focuses on character education during these years. Our guidance counselors exert intensive effort for our students to become individuals who are honest, hardworking and possess universal moral values.

High Schools

The foundation of academic life is set during High School education. The students make their university choices with the help of the knowledge and experiences they learn throughout their High School years.

In Ronaki Hawler High Schools, students always strive to reach the best for a bright academic life. The experienced and determined teachers motivate our students to gain self-confidence with the education they receive. During their High School education, they learn how to think analytically, prepare projects, give presentations and be able to fluently speak at least two foreign languages.

Students who graduate from Ronaki Hawler High Schools are well prepared for the national Wezari Exams and international exams like SAT, ACT or TOEFL which are required for university acceptance.

Through our schools and education methods, the students who graduate are multilingual, can speak English, Kurdish, Arabic and Turkish fluently. This way, they are integrated with the world, are open minded and ready to serve their country with their unique skills and talents.

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