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Ronaki Hawler Education Company began its educatonal actvites in Erbil in 1994 with Ishik College. As of 2015, in 6 campuses 1 Kindergarten, 3 Primary Schools, 3 Secondary Schools and 3 High Schools, we ofer educaton to about 5000 students. Our schools are appreciated in Kurdistan because of the awards they receive and their success in national and international competitions.

Our schools prove their success in assistng students for university entrance exams and in registering for the best programs at universites. Oxford Quality Program is applied in our schools and our graduates can speak in 4 diferent languages (Kurdish, English, Arabic and Turkish). All classrooms of our schools in Erbil are full equipped with technological devices. Project – Based Educaton is ofered in these classes.

In our schools, there are facilites for social and cultural actvites such as libraries, sports halls, game rooms, learning centers, multmedia rooms and conference rooms.

We also offer a lot of different club activities to our students such as chess club, swimming club, science club, homework club, music club and different sports clubs.

We believe that, education is very important in an individual’s life. For this reason, we as Ronaki Hawler Education Company offer a quality education for future generations.

We believe that sharing our knowledge and experience would help make the world a better place.


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